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We’re on a crusade here – to defeat America’s number one toxic and lethal enemy – stress. Stress is a subtle killer. And we Americans have not been taught how to deal with it. As we speak 1 in 4 American women between the ages of 40 and 50 are taking anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications.  15% of men are also taking them.  There is a better way.  A simpler, healthier, more effective way.

We’ve been bringing butter knives to a gun fight. The only way we can beat stress is to become informed and make smarter choices.

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Stress Slaying Tip – Body

Boost your body to resist stress. Avoid plastic. Store food in glass or stainless steel containers, use glass or stainless water bottles, and drink hot beverages out of glass (never Styrofoam). Don’t freeze food in plastic. Microwave (if you must) in glass containers.

Most people don’t realize how this simple change in lifestyle can improve health.

  • We love the MUI water bottles – glass with a temperature regulating jacket. They have different sizes and even a small one for coffee or tea. We also love the Mira stainless bowls to take lunch to the office. You can get them at AmazonMui.
  • Pyrex makes a great line of glass containers for food storage. They go from the freezer to the oven to the fridge. You can find them anywhere and they are inexpensive.